Core Groups

What are CORE Groups?

CORE Groups are small groups of 10-12 people that are designed to connect people in a way that will further develop them in the areas of fellowship and discipleship.

CORE Groups are grouped by life-stage and age – this means that groups are made up of people that are at similar ages and life stages.


  • GROWING – we want to be growing spiritually. This means that CORE members will be growing in their personal walks with Christ.
  • TOGETHER – we want to be growing in fellowship. This means developing close relationships with other CORE members.
  • GROWING.TOGETHER – we want to do this together. This means not just as individuals, but as a body of believers, the true community, that God designed the church to be.

When and where do they meet?

CORE Groups meet on various days of the week from May through August. These groups are designed as our mid-week service.

The groups meet in the homes of our CORE Group leaders. Because we see the value of small groups, CORE groups are designed to meet in casual, comfortable locations.

Our age groups are listed below, email us at to find out more info on meeting times and locations.

What do they study?

The topic of study is based off the Sunday morning message. Can’t make it to the Sunday morning service? Listen to the message online and go deeper with our CORE groups.

What do they cost?


What about my kids?

Bring them! The beauty of the age and life stage format is that there is a good chance that someone else in the group will have kids as well.

Groups that have children will have arrangements made for child care during the group’s meeting.

We do not want children to hinder your involvement in the groups. We believe that families should grow together and serve together.

How do I get connected to a CORE Group?

Email us at and we will respond and get you plugged into a group!